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What is the MMA - Modified Motorcycle Association?

Modified Motorcycle Association is a not for profit corporation, founded and established in March of 1973, for the concerned motorcyclist with the goals and objectives of making the sport of motorcycling safer, and protecting the interest of its members.

The multitude of benefits you receive as a member of the Modified Motorcycle Association of California is dependent upon your level of participation. You can sign up and renew annually, stay posted by glancing through the newsletter, attend a few of the many events MMA supports and receive a great deal more than your money's worth.

Or you can put the MMA of California to work for you, your club, business or organization by participating regularly as an active and involved member.

The networking value to your own "ride related life style" is invaluable, the friends you meet are the BEST you can find and the benefits are a great deal, more than we can list. Here are a few ways you can increase your level of involvement and returns through your MMA of California membership, while bolstering this 30 year old organization.

  • Advertise in the MMA newsletter and on the web site. Not only will this fuel these important communication tools, it will place you, your message, business or event in front of a very enlightened group of motorcycle riders.
  • Introduce the benefits of membership and meeting opportunities to other riders; let them know that the MMA is an organization you believe in and why.
  • Have the resources from your company allocated to the MMA of California. This can be sponsoring an event, advertising in the newsletter, donations and web site advertising, as well as, providing needed office supplies or manpower for MMA functions.
  • Place the MMA of California in your will or living trust. This will allow your precious resources to facilitate a perpetual legacy to the lifestyle you believed in once upon a time and enjoyed! Encourage others to do the same.

If the Modified Motorcycle Association is to obtain its goals, increase Membership Benefits, and promote the sport of motorcycling, we will need your support. Get people interested.... for tomorrow may be too late.

Join now!

The MMA offers these benefits to its members:

  • Full time representation at the State Capitol, voicing your opinion as a group, not just as one person.
  • A Newsletter keeping you aware of what is going on within your Association, the State Capitol, as well as legislative updates.
  • Attorney Referrals.
  • Blood Bank Account.
  • Annual Runs, swap meets and functions of general interest to every motorcyclist.
  • A chance to have some influence on your future.
  • Opportunities to meet some good people.

Here are just a few things the MMA has done for you, the California Motorcycle Rider:

  • Co-Authored Anti-Helmet law bills for modification of legislation.
  • Defeated the State Helmet Law many times.
  • Helped to defeat the Federal helmet blackmail bill.
  • Defeated No-Fault Insurance for motorcycles, which could have cost you up to $1200.00 a year.
  • Defeated mandatory protective clothing law.
  • Defeated numerous restrictive noise bills.
  • Currently fighting against the (off-road) Desert Act.
  • Actively involved in fighting SMOG II legislation

MMA is also a regular member of the following "organizations:"

  • California Motor Vehicle Conference
  • National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances
  • National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)
  • Advisory Board Motorcycle Safety Foundation Program
"Spin em up!..says Markus"