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History of the Modified Motorcycle Association

By Robbie Freeman

As a charter member of the Modified Motorcycle Association (1973) and with 25 years as Division 5 PAC Chairmen. I’ve amassed a sizable collection of paperwork and reports. I have in front of me now a couple of interesting relics.

The first is from the LA Police Dept. - entitled: “Vehicle Enforcement Guide (To be used when inspecting radically altered bikes) (AKA Choppers)”.

It listed 38 violations. If you rode a modified motorcycle back in the Easyrider days, you were bad. You didn’t need a patch or an attutude. But you quickly learned how to navagate the vehicle code.

VC 26709 - Mirror. Your Dentist could set you up just fine.
VC 27150 - Mufflers. If you ran drag pipes, bolt on a couple muffers, get signed off for FREE at the substation, remove immediately. Fishtails? Stuff with enough steel wool, you’ll pass.
VC 28051 - Odometer. Must work if present. This one is a no brainer!
VC 27000 - Horn. A bicycle sqeeze ball would do.
VC 26311 - 2 Brakes. Make sure you register your bike as a 1965 motorcycle or older.
VC 24408 - Hi beam indictator. Drill a hole in your 5” Bates for a red light indictor.
VC 24951 - Turn Signals. Only for ‘73 and up.
VC 27801 - Handlebars. Must be below shoulder level. Most rode with the clamp slightly loose, easy to pull down, but them they could get you for.
VC24002 Unsafe equipment:
  • Front fort modificated so that rider can not hold both bars when rotated to extreme.
  • Loose handlebar clamp (enables rider to lower bars when stopped.
  • Front wheel turns more than 90 degrees from center.
  • Shock action in front wheel.
  • Goose neck cut and rewelded.
  • Extreme extention of front wheel.

The list goes on - they would have a field day with one of those OCC(Orange County Choppers)theme bikes today, but one law that neither sheet mentions is helmets.

Thank you to the brothers of the past for taking that courages stand on the steps of the Capitol and for founding the Modified Motorcycle Association. It would have stayed that way - until we met our match in Dick Floyd, who cared more than we did.

It’s time to get organized and regain our freedom.