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Find your representatives using your zipcode or district

You can find and contact your represenative here. Some legislators might not have and email address. Right now you need to manually send a letter or email to your representative, unitl we can automate it.

Enter your zipcode (5 digits)     Enter District:    

Select from the grid above if shown

No results were found
No results were found

Manual send instructions. Forms for sending to your assembly member and senator are available for download as word .doc files. You can download and edit them before sending.

Instructions on filling out letter prior to sending, letter should read as follows:
Senator / Assembly Member [type their name here]
State Capital, Rm. [type room # here]
Sacramento,CA 95814

Dear [Senator / Assembly Member][ type their name here],

(body of letter)

Remember to leave at least 4 spaces between respectfully and your name.
[Type your name]
[Your address (Your voting address) ]
[Your E-mail address]

Download the Unruh Senator letter here
Download the Unruh Asssembly letter here

If you receive a response from your representative, please send it to the MMA office or email

Coming soon... we'll send it for you.